NJ CNG Auto Rickshaw

Technical Specification

Engine and Transmission: RE 4S CNG
Type: 4 stroke, forced air cooled S. I Engine
Stroke & Bore (in mm): 68/57
Engine Displacement (in CC): 173.52
Ignition System: 12 V Electronic DC Type
Fuel: CNG.Petrol
Starting: Hand lever and self start
Transmission: 4 Speed forward + 1 Reserve
Frame Type: Constructed from pressed steel sheets

Constant rate coil spring and double acting hydraulic shock absorber.
Rear: Independently sprung wheel by trailing arm with helical spring and hydraulic shock absorber.


Front: Mechanical shoe type size 123.5 mm  15 wide.
Rear: Hydraulic expanding shoe type size 170 mm * 29.5 mm wide
Tire (Front & Rear): Front 4.00-8, 8 PR, Rear 4.00-8, 8 PR
Fuel tank Capacity: C.N.G 29 liter water equivalent
                                     (Approx 3kg of Gas at 200 bar)
                                     Petrol 6 liter (for limphome operation) 
System: 12 V.DC negative ground
Battery: 12 V. 40A
Head, Tail lamp:37.5 / 60W,10/5 W (SW for Tail Lamp)
Side Indicator lamp: 10W
Pilot Lamp: 5W
Overall Size: 2650 mm * 1300 mm * 1750 mm
Wheel Bose: 2000 mm
Maximum Speed: 60 KM/h

Parhiyar CNG Auto Rickshaw

Technical Specifications

Engine: Single Cylinder4 Stroke
Engine Type: Air cooled Rear
Engine Displacement: 175cc
Cylinder Bore: 57mm
Stroke: 69mm
Gasoline: Petrol / CNG / LPG
Petrol Tank Capacity: 8 litre
CNG Cylinder Capacity: 18 L/W
Maximum Speed: 80km/h
Load Bearing Capacity: 400kg
Wheel Track: 1130mm
Total Length: 2710mm
Total Width: 1120mm
Total height: 1670mm
Wheel Base: 2010mm
Ignition: 12V-DC-CDI
Starting: Self/Hand Lever
Transmission: 4 Forward + 1 Reverse
Brakes: Front Mechanical Rear Hydraulic
Tires: F/R: 4.00-8 , 8PR

Allied CNG Auto Rickshaw

Technical Specifications:

Load Bearing capacity: 150 Kg Min
Wheel Track: 1140 mm
Total Length: 2890mm
Total Width: 1405 mm
Max. Height: 1820 mm
Wheel Base: 2000 mm
Engine: 4 Stroke 200CC Water Cooled
Brake: hydraulic, Drum
Hand Brake: Yes
Fuel: CNG/Petrol
Capacity of Fuel Tank: 9.5 Lit
Speed: upto 75 km/hour
Suspension: Shock Absorber
Transmission: 4 Forward, 1 reverse
Clutch Type: Wet multi disc type
Battery: 12 V 40 Amp
Ignition: CDI
Exterior Sound Level: 85 dBA (Low Noise)
Wind Wiper: Electric Wind Screen Wiper
Spare Wheel: Yes
Seating Capacity: 3-4 Persons
Construction of Body: Body is made from steel sheet of 1-2 mm thickness by pressing and welding process.